Volunteer... get free tour gift certificates

Volunteer in a local Homeless Shelter... Get a free tour!

It takes only one person to make a difference, to set an example, to encourage others. This year let that one person be you.  

If you live in the greater Charleston SC area, and you volunteer at a local shelter. We'll send you a free Walking Tour Gift Certificates. Really... a free tour from Chucktown Tours for just volunteering. Bring the family and we'll send each of you a free tour. 

Simply email us at and let us know the place you volunteered, the name of the coordinator, and your name and address. It's just that simple. To get you started we included a link directly to the shelter volunteer page for One80 Place a local homeless program here in Charleston.  

One80 Place

One of the best ways to volunteer at One80 Place is to serve a meal in the Zucker Family Community Kitchen. Since this opportunity is so popular, dates on the calendar tend to fill up fast.